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Your organization is involved in regulatory training and certification in areas such as HIPPA, OSHA or ISO 9001-2000. Your employees need to be educated in standardized subject areas such as safety, privacy and quality and then evaluated for their proficiency in the course material.

In addition to reducing training costs for your organization, you are tasked with delivering the necessary training by deadline.

An eLementalEnterprise Hosted Course license is the ideal solution for short-run training programs such as those to meet regulatory compliance. In addition to full access to eLementalEnterprise's Student and Instructor toolkits, your organization can lease standardized course material to satisfy quality and safety requirements.

A Hosted Course license requires no long-term commitment and is easily deployable on a per course/per month structure. eLementalEnterprise can help your organization achieve:

  • Faster ROI on training through lower delivery costs compared to face-to-face sessions
  • Reduced employee downtime and more uniform knowledge transfer through self-paced learning