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Your organization has an extensive training program in place that blends face-to-face sessions with a legacy CBT technology. Your training program does not coordinate live and online sessions well and lacks adequate administrative metrics. Your organization's IT infrastructure manages human resources related information, but does not share data with other systems, resulting in "islands" of technology.

You are tasked with updating your training program to leverage the latest technology and integrate training more deeply into your existing IT infrastructure.

eLementalEnterprise's key strengths lie not only in delivering a rich, effective learning experience for the users, but also in providing management with a flexible, interoperable software platform.

The eLemental Learning Appliance is a powerful package designed to deliver:

  • Fully-configured out-of-the-box, network ready solution
  • Lower TCO than traditional software licensing
  • Scalable and interoperable architecture for integration with existing business systems