Instructor Services
As a fully featured Application Service Provider (ASP), elementalenterprise is equipped to cater equally to both the independent instructor as well as the University/College or Corporate instructor. The eLemental platform offers a flexible and robust architecture for deploying distance education programs over the internet.

Whether you are interested in independently launching a seminar series online, or if you an instructor with an accredited educational institution, is your forum for leading moderated virtual classrooms.

The following is a brief list of features you will have access to as an instructor on

  • Administrate Discussion Forums
  • Upload and Maintain CourseWare and Assignments
  • Dynamically Manage Class Sizes & Student Registrations
  • Author & Deploy Testing Modules with Time-Limits and Auto-Grade Options
  • Maintain and Track Student Grades and Performance through your Workspace
  • If an Independent Instructor, set and collect Registration Fees through

Student Services has designed a number of tools to make the learning process more effective for you as an Online Student. In addition to several free and paid seminars and training programs available on elementalenterprise, you can register for courses posted by your University, College or Corporation here on the website.

You can sign up for as many or as few courses as you wish with your membership at

The following is a brief list of features you will have access to as a student on

  • Your eLementalRegistration is Free!
  • Manage your Grades, Certifications and Performance Reviews Online
  • Participate in moderated Group Discussions and Chat Sessions
  • Choose from our growing list of free programs, or sign up for a paid seminar or course offered by credited professionals
  • Recieve free e-Mail updates on our growing Course List